Help me reset my msn-live email password!!

Two days ago, I signed in to to check my email: But, after typing my password to login, the site said that my password was incorrect. How come! In fact, I had never changed it before. Besides, I also activated ‘remember’ option on my mozilla browser.  I retyped my password again. It was same. Incorrect password. Uhh! It made me confused and upset.

I tried to click the link: “forgot your password?” and followed the instruction. To recover my password, I chose the option: “account information and answer secret question” (I did not choose “my alternate email address” because I did not set it when signing up). Unfortunately, it seemed that my secret question had also been changed. I retried it. But it did not work. A friend of mine told me that my email had been hacked or stolen.

So, anybody visiting this blog, please help me reset my email password. I do hope I can use it again because there are many important files and contact lists which I saved on my account ( Your suggestion and help, please send to my new email:, or give comments on this post.  Thank you very much for your help…

Note: To all my friends who usually send me email,  please now send your email to:



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