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An English speech given by Ir. Soekarno at the Asian-African Conference, 1955

image soekarno_ delivering a speechFree download: English Speech. Title: An Opening/Address Speech by the President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, at the Asian – African Conference (Bandung, 17th – 24th April, 1955). File: pdf.  Date of speech: 17th April, 1955. Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia (sous la dir.). ‘Asia-Africa speak from Bandung’. Djakarta: 1955, p. 19-29. Re-upload by: har.


An Opening/Address Speech by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, at the Asian – African Conference (Bandung, 17th – 24th April, 1955)

Asia Africa Coference_ Bandung 1955

Your Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers.

It is my great honour and privilege on this historic day to bid you welcome to Indonesia. On behalf of the people and government of Indonesia – your hosts – I beg your understanding and forbearance if some circumstances in our country do not meet your expectation. We have, I assure you, done our best to make your stay amongst us memorable for both our guests and your hosts. We hope that the warmth of our welcome will compensate for whatever material shortcomings there may be.

As I survey this hall and the distinguished guests gathered here, my heart is filled with emotion. This is the first intercontinental conference of coloured peoples in the history of mankind! I am proud that my country is your host. I am happy that you were able to accept the invitations extended by the Five Sponsoring Countries. But also I cannot restrain feelings of sadness when I recall the tribulations through which many of our peoples have so recently passed, tribulations which have exacted a heavy toll in life, in material things, and in the things of the spirit.

I recognise that we are gathered here today as a result of sacrifices. Sacrifices made by our forefathers and by the people of our own and younger generations. For me, this hall is filled not only by the leaders of the nations of Asia and Africa; it also contains within its walls the undying, the indomitable, the invincible spirit of those who went before us. Their struggle and sacrifice paved the way for this meeting of the highest representatives of independent and sovereign nations from two of the biggest continents of the globe.

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Happy Birthday, Indonesia!!

65th Anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia

Happy Birthday, Indonesia!!

My dear motherland
My beloved homeland

Lamun huwus kalah nusantara isun amukti palapa
Sekali layar terkembang; pantang biduk surut ke pantai
Jayalah Indonesiaku; Jayalah Ibu Pertiwiku

Long Live Indonesia!!


Perayaan HUT RI ke-65 di SMPN 1 Tikung

Dalam rangka Perayaan HUT RI ke-65 Tahun 2010 di kecamatan Tikung Kabupaten Lamongan, SMPN 1 Tikung aktif berpartisipasi memeriahkannya dengan cara mengikuti beberapa kegiatan dan perlombaan. Beberapa di antaranya yaitu Lomba Gerak Jalan, MTQ, Sepeda Hias, Yak & Yuk Lamongan dan Jalan Sehat.

Berikut beberapa foto kegiatan siswa-siswi SMPN 1 Tikung berkaitan Peringatan HUT RI ke-65 Tahun 2010 (silahkan klik pada foto untuk memperbesar gambar):

[upload by har, ©]

Foto-foto lainnya:


Musings: Messages from our Friend

Download the following messages (power point file/ppt) and share to your friends. For teachers in Indonesia, you can use them as teaching materials. After downloading, open the files using power point – slide show.


When you got up this morning,  I observed you, and I hoped you would talk to me. No matter if they were only few words, asking my opinion or just giving thanks for something that happened to you yesterday. But I noticed that you were very busy looking for the appropriate clothes to wear and to go to work.

I continued hoping, while you were doing things in a hurry.

I knew that there were still some minutes for you to stop for a moment and tell me “Hello!”. But you were too much busy.

This is why I lighted the sky for you. I filled it with colors and beautiful songs of birds to see if you would hear me.

But you did not notice this.

I observed you while going to work and I waited patiently the whole day. With all your activities I suppose you were too much busy to tell me something. While you were coming back I noticed your tiredness and I wanted to shower upon you some water to take away your stress.

I wanted to make you a favor so that you would think of me. But you got angry and offended my name. I really wished you would talk to me… there was still enough time…

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Pengumuman Hasil USM STAN 2010

Pengumuman Hasil USM STAN Tahun akademik 2010/2011. Pengumuman ini merupakan hasil dari seleksi Ujian Saringan Masuk (USM) STAN yang dilaksanakan pada tgl 20 Juni 2010, tes kesehatan dan kebugaran tgl 27-29 Juli 2010 serta hasil rapat panitia tgl 2 Agustus 2010. Silahkan download (file pdf) berikut:

pengumuman hasil usm stan 2010

daftar nama lulus usm stan 2010


An Opening Speech by Master of Ceremonies in English Meeting

image mcFree download: A simple Opening Speech by Master of  Ceremonies (MC) in English Meeting. File: Pdf.  Previews: This  English speech script consists of expressions and utterances occasionally used in handling elementary English speaking/meeting. Grade: for Indonesian students (SMP/MTs/SMA/MA/SMK). Script by Har.



Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Good morning everybody…

First of all, let us praise to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able to come here, to join this English meeting club.

Secondly, may peace be upon our prophet, Muhammad SAW, who has guided us into the right ways of life.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

We, the committee of this English meeting club, would like to say many thanks to all of you who have come here to join, participate and share together in improving our English ability. Without your contribution, it is impossible for us to run this activity. We hope this English meeting will give an advantage for us in developing our language competence, especially speaking skill.

Brothers and Sisters;

Before we run this English meeting, as the host (MC), personally I would like to say I’m so sorry if there are mistakes or inconveniences in my utterances during handling all program or sessions in this meeting.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters;

This English meeting contains 4 sessions (programs).

The first one is “self-introduction”. This session will present 3 participants (new members). I will invite them one by one to stand here, in front of you, to make self introductions. After introducing their selves, they must be ready to answer any questions or comments from all the audiences. Of course, the audiences should not ask about their privacy.  And remember, don’t be afraid of making mistakes in your speaking. Don’t worry about your grammar or rules of English structures. The most important thing in this session is that we start to speak English; we encourage ourselves to be confident in speaking.

The second session is “Discussion”. I will divide all of you into 5 groups. Each group consists of 4 or 5 members. To-day topic is “How to improve our English”. We will choose one of the groups randomly to be the presenter. The other groups can be affirmative or opposite groups…

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