Modules for Teaching English

image designing lesson planFree download: Modules for Teaching English in Indonesia, especially for English teachers in SMP and SMA. File: pdf. Source: Center for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel (CDETEP) or known as Pusat Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan (PPPPTK). There are five modules/articles you can download for free:

(1) Introduction to Genre Based Approach. This module describes the features of Genre Based Approach involving its methodology, text types, learning cycles and application in the teaching of English… » Click here to download…

(2) Materials Development. This module discusses the concepts, principles, procedures and techniques in developing materials for teaching English… » Click here to download…

(3) Designing Lesson Plan. This module explains how to design lesson plan. It describes the concepts, components, principles and stages in designing lesson plan… » Click here to download…

(4) Instructional Media. This module tells about the definition, kinds and samples of instructional media used for teaching English… » Click here to download…

(5) Language Assessment. This module talks about assessments on the students’ achievement in learning English. It gives description on how to assess listening, speaking, reading and writing skills… » Click here to download…

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11 responses to “Modules for Teaching English

  1. Thanks a lot…. These all very helpful….

  2. Thank u very much. It’s very useful for me to guide my student.

  3. it’s a verry importen information you got here, thank you for share with us.i hope our hardwork and time can give a little change to our student in the future.even our english competence is not good enough at least wa have try. once again thank you.

  4. sangat berguna sekali…. terima ksih, semoga semuanya mendapatkn berkah dariNya… Amin

  5. Mr. kok filenya dah dihapus sih sama administratornya??
    bisa kirimin ke email saya kaga?

  6. Adakah modul buat SMK pak???

  7. penting banget untuk dibaca, thanks

  8. info yang menarik untuk dibaca…

    izin nyimak ya…

    di tunggu kunjungan baliknya…

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