Polling: Your Favorite Downloads

Dear my friends and all visitors…

Since its launching at the end of 2008, this site [www.haarrr.wordpress.com] has been frequently visited by thousands of people from all over the world, particularly Indonesia.  Most visitors look for materials related to English lesson. The most common files downloaded by the visitors are English listening materials and speech/drama scripts.

As stated on page about, this blog mainly concerns on education and teaching learning materials, especially English for Indonesian students. It aims at providing free files to share and use widely for the educational purposes. Many of Indonesian teachers and students have been taking an advantage of this blog as a reference site for improving their English. It is, of course, a pride and challenge for us to make www.haarrr.wordpress.com better and more useful.

To improve its contents, my friends and I plan to upgrade this site into a new domain and file hosting. We, therefore, need your feedback and suggestions. We ask you all to participate by joining our polling. The question is: “What is your favorite download?” There are 4 answers given: (1) English Speech and Drama Scripts,  (2) English Listening Materials — audios, videos and scripts,  (3) Test Sheets/Manuscripts– UN, SNMPTN and STAN,  (4) Materials and Answers/Discussion of English Tests (UN, SNMPTN and STAN). If none of the 4 answers above is your choice, you can choose the last one: Other, then type your answer, and finally please click ‘vote’.

We do hope all visitors will spend a few minutes to vote. Help us improve www.haarrr.wordpress.com. The result of this poll will be a reference and priority in updating/uploading new files. Thank you very much for joining. We highly appreciate your participation. Please follow the poll by voting straightly on the right-side bar of this site… or you can click the picture below:

***Thank you for voting***


4 responses to “Polling: Your Favorite Downloads

  1. Wonderful blog, very useful for those who want to learn and improve their English. Thumb up. Keep work, my Fren.

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