English Speech: “Tourism”

Free download: English Speech Scripts. Topic: “Tourism”. Title: “Mamasa as a Tourist Destination in West Sulawesi”. Duration: 10-20 minutes. Grade: SMA/MA/SMK, College/University, Public. Scripts: pdf, originally in Indonesian, written by ©Rina Rahmatia Ridwan; translated into English by ©har;  uploaded to @2011_www.haarrr.wordpress.com; intended to be used for Indonesian students.


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Firstly, let us praise to the Almighty God for His Blessing that enables us to come here to join this English speech contest regarding with the sixth anniversary celebration of Mamasa regency.

I would also like to say many thanks to the MC who has given me chance to deliver my English speech.

Honorable Juries, Ladies and gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers…

On this occasion I would like to talk about Mamasa as a tourist destination in West Sulawesi.

As we all know, West Sulawesi has 5 regencies, they are: Polewali Mandar, Majene, Mamuju, North Mamuju and Mamasa. We are proud that of all the regencies belong to West Sulawesi, Mamasa is considered as the most potential tourist destination for its beautiful nature and interesting culture supported with friendly society.

Mamasa is well-known for its unique and remarkable custom, such as: its architectures, dances, languages and funeral ceremonies. At a glance, the custom in Mamasa seems to relate with Tana Toraja which is located in eastern part of Mount Quarles. This mount becomes the border area between Mamasa and Tana Toraja. Although there are similarities between Mamasa and Tana Toraja’s customs, they are not exactly same to each other.

Honorable Juries, Ladies and gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers…

Mamasa regency, located in the eastern part of West Sulawesi, borders on Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi which is also a well-known destination for domestic and international tourists. With the availability of facilities and infrastructures in Mamasa Regency, there is a high possibility for tourists who occasionally visit Tana Toraja will also be interested to drop in Mamasa, even they will enjoy its tourism objects.

Tourism objects in Mamasa are basically not different with Tana Toraja. If we compare both of them, we will find that Mamasa seems to have more interesting objects, like amazing waterfalls and exotic rivers for rafting. Even if we see our beloved regency in the morning, we will find that we have a remarkable small town surrounded by mountains with thick fog….

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