Listening (Audio and Transcript): Confirming a Hotel Booking

Free download: English listening material. Title: Confirming a Hotel Booking; audio: mp3, transcript: doc files, type: dialogues/conversation, intended to use for Indonesian students (SMP/SMA).

Situation : a telephone conversation between a hotel receptionist and a person trying to make a booking. The line is bad but the receptionist has the telephone skills to deal with this problem.


Receptionist : Good afternoon, Orion Hotel, how may I help you?
Customer    : I’m ringing to confirm a booking I made a week ago. I was expecting an email but I haven’t receivedanything.
Receptionist : I’m sorry the line is rather bad, would you mind repeating that, please?
Customer    : Yes, I made a reservation on your website under the name of Coutts. George Coutts.
Receptionist : Could you spell your surname for me, please?
Customer    : Yes, that’s C-O-U-T-T-S
Receptionist : And when was the reservation for?
Customer    : July 23rd to the 29th
Receptionist : Sorry, did you say the 21st ?
Customer    : No, the 23rd
Receptionist : Let me just check if we have your details on the system. Ah… yes, here we are.
Customer    : I put down one double and one single room, but I wonder if I could change that.
Receptionist : I’m terribly sorry I didn’t quite catch that. Would you mind speaking up a little?
Customer    : Yes, I wanted to change the number of rooms. Is it possible to have two doubles instead of a singleand a double?

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3 responses to “Listening (Audio and Transcript): Confirming a Hotel Booking

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