English Speech: Teachers, Heroes without Medals

An example of English speech. Theme: Education, Teachers’ Day, Teachers’ Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PGRI). Title: “Teachers, Heroes without Medals”; intended to be used for Indonesian students, grade: elementary and secondary schools. This speech script is written and posted by soehaarrr; ©haarrr.wordpress.com


Script of the speech:

Honorable Juries
Honorable our Teachers
Ladies and Gentlemen; Brothers and Sisters

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
It is a great honor for me to join this English speech contest. Thank you very much for the chance given to me.

Ladies and Gentlemen;
In this good opportunity, I would like to give an English speech entitled: “Teachers: Heroes without Medals”.

Every year, on the 25th of November, we commemorate the birthday of Teachers’ Association of the Republic of Indonesia, or known as PGRI. The day is also called National Teachers’ Day. The commemoration is a kind of appreciation for our teachers. It is usually celebrated in a ceremonial activity by giving a recognition to a certain teachers, head masters, or school attendants.

Brothers and Sisters;
Every time we talk about teachers, we often hear… “heroes without medals’. It seems that the title has been a trademark of teachers. The profession of teachers is considered as the hero without medals. Why do we call them like that? The answer is, I think, because of teachers’ services in educating people. The teachers’ dedication cannot be measured with the symbols or trophies, just like gold, silver or bronze medals.

But, even though there are no medals for teachers’ dedication, we realize that the profession of teachers has given a great contribution to the development of our country, especially in education sector. Let us imagine… what are we going to be, if there is no teacher in our lives? Because of teachers, we are able to read, write, and speak. Because of teachers, we can get knowledge and skills that we need to face the competition in this life ….

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