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image folktale_Free Ebook Download: a collection of folktales as a reading material for building students’ English vocabulary. Genre: narratives. Grade: intended to use for Indonesian students, Junior and Senior high school students (SMP/SMA). Files: e-book, pdf. Upload by soehaarrr, April 2013.

This collection contains 30 folktales that can be used as resources for English teachers in teaching reading comprehension, particularly regarding text types or genres. The folktales in this book may also become reading exercises for the students of SMP/SMA to prepare for National Exam (Ujian Nasional) since there is one of the stories appearing in the past national exam (Qui Jun and the Arrogant Monk, page 53).

Here is one of the folktales in the collection (page 48):


Eagle was a strange creature. He got his fun out of teasing and frightening the little birds. Even when he was not hungry, he would  soar  through  the  sky and  swoop  down  on  some unsuspecting  birds  and  pretend  to  prey  on  them.  The poor little birds would cower with fear and try to fly away.

Eagle would then burst into an ear-piercing laugh and flap his wings disdainfully. “I am the King of the sky! How scared you all are of me,” he would exclaim.

The birds did not like Eagle and they all thought he was very mean, for the other eagles swooped down on the smaller birds only when they were hungry.

Once it so happened that a flock of pigeons was flying in the sky and Eagle   decided   to scare them. He came swooping down on them from out of the blue.  The pigeons shrieked and scattered in different directions.

Just then Eagle’s sharp ears caught a whizzing sound. He turned around and saw its source: an arrow! Sure that the arrow was not meant for him but for the pigeons, Eagle just turned away. But the pigeons had flown out of the way!

“Swick!” The arrow struck Eagle right in the heart and he started fluttering to the ground. “Oh no, I don’t want to die,” said Eagle, “I have so many years more to live…” But he was losing his blood very fast. He fell to the ground with a thud and with dying eyes looked at the killer arrow.

It was decorated with one of his own feathers! “Oh God, no!” said Eagle, as he died.

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