Comments on the Postponement of 2013 National Exam

image_ national examThe postponement of 2013 National exam for senior high schools (the 12th-grade students) in 11 provinces has become a hot topic for the last two weeks. The first day of the national exam was scheduled for Monday, April 15, but it was pushed back until April 22. Day two of the exam was administered on April 23, while the third and fourth days of the test were still given on Thursday and Friday, April 18-19. The number of students in the 11 provinces were 1.1 million in 3,601 high schools and 1,508 vocational schools.

Regarding the delay of the national exam, many said that it was caused by the poor-prepared management in Ministry of Education and Culture. As an annual program in Indonesia’s education system, national exam should have been organized well and properly. Some experts also stated that because of the fiasco, the result of the national exam, therefore, could not become a valid evaluation.
Here are some comments from our society concerning on the postponement of 2013 national exam (quoted from The Jakarta Post, paper edition):

  • As the national exam is an annual activity organized by the Education and Culture Ministry, it can be prepared for as early as possible. It is very difficult to understand why the implementation of this year’s exam was so chaotic. I think it was caused by poor management within the central committee, so the minister should be responsible for its implementation. In an era where all activities can be supported by advanced technology, 11 provinces had to delay the exams due to the failure in the distribution of exam materials. The quality of education reflects the progress of the nation. Therefore, the ministry needs to thoroughly assess its failure. (Bambang Utomo, Jakarta).
  • Although the national exam is a routine, annual occurrence, this year it failed to be realized in 11 provinces. Exam material did not arrive on time, which forced the government to postpone the exams in those 11 provinces. Even after the postponement, not all schools — especially in remote areas — received the necessary exam material. In the meantime, other provinces have finished the exams, so the exam material is no longer a secret. It would be better to declare all pupils in those 11 provinces who missed the exams scheduled for last Monday, to have passed the test. They will then be free to compete with other students in their effort to get a job or to continue their studies. (Soebagjo Soetadji, Jakarta)
  • To save the students, the government could declare this a national emergency and allow schools to conduct their own exams. (Subur, Semarang)
  • As a teacher, I know that the preparation for the first distribution of 20 packages of exam materials should be well prepared by professional officials. The government should not force the schools to do something disgraceful. (Hasanah, Purwakarta, West Java)
  • It is the fault of Education and Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh. He should have estimated the time it would have taken for local residents to receive the materials. Lessons should be learned from this to avoid such problems in the future. (Moon Munawaroh)
  • Conditions in the Education and Culture Ministry are shown with this incident. But no one will take responsibility and no open investigation will be carried out. It is an accident, so be it! (Eddy Arjuna Zainy)
  • The Corruption Eradication Commission should immediately focus on this particular case, as there is an unmistakable indication of corruption here. Why is the quality of the answering sheets substandard? Students have difficulty erasing a wrong answer and, as a result, get even more stressed as they might fail their exam because of such imperfections in the paper? The Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA) has already alleged that irregularities occurred during the tender for the printing and distribution of materials for the national exams. This should be investigated immediately. From his past actions and decisions, Nuh has already demonstrated he is totally unfit for the job, but is adept at setting back the general education level for our Indonesian youngsters about a hundred years. The extent of Nuh’s lack of ability and failure to grasp the enormity of the effects of his blunders is shown in his powerlessness to realize the extent of the harm he has done. He can only play the blame game and offer lame excuses. If the President really has the best interests of our present and future generations of children at heart, he should fire this champion of incompetence. (Tami Koestomo)
  • Education and Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh has to step down. (Dien Muhan)
  • When the NASA Challenger 13 exploded they investigated the causes were to avoid the same thing happening again. I hope the same thing happens for this exam fiasco. (E Nurdin, Jakarta).

» What about you, my friends? What do you think of this exam fiasco? Leave your comments and share your opinion with us. Thank you in advance.

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