Listening Material: Tourist Information

Image Tourist-InfoFree download: English listening material. Topic/Title: English for Tourism / Tourist Information; audio: mp3, transcript and sample of exercises: doc and pdf files, type: dialogues/conversation, intended to be used for Indonesian students (SMP, SMA, SMK).

Situation: A tourist asking for information in a tourist information office.



Tourist: Excuse me.  Do you speak English?
Woman: Yes, of course.  Can I help you?
Tourist: Yes, we’ve just arrived on holiday here.  Have you got a map of the town?
Woman: Yes. Here you are. The tourist office is just here. I’ll mark it with a cross. If you walk down this street here, you get to the beach. It’s about 5 minutes.
Tourist: Thank you.  Where is the old part of the town?
Woman: Over here.  You can see lots of narrow winding streets, and there’s the church.
Tourist: How long would it take to walk there?
Woman: About 10 or 15 minutes. The easiest way from here is to turn left and go straight along the road until you reach the bus station, and then turn right.
Tourist: Is there a train station as well as a bus station?
Woman: Yes. The train station is here on the edge of the town. I’ll just get you some timetables (pause and rustling). Here you have a train timetable, and one for the buses.
Tourist: Thanks very much.  Do you have any information about things to do in the area?
Woman: Yes, of course. Over there we’ve got leaflets about local attractions. And this free guide here tells you what’s on this month. It has information about concerts, festivals, children’s events etc.

Download the transcript and sample of exercises completely, pdf. click here»…,   doc. click here»…
Download the audio, mp-3, click here»…




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  1. many many thanks so good thanks for your help

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