Announcement: The Result of 2013 National Exam, SMPN 7 Cenrana

hasil unThe result of National Exam in the 2012/2013 Academic Year for the test takers from SMP Negeri 7 Cenrana had been announced on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at SMPN 7 Cenrana.

Here are some important information based on the collective national exam result list released by the Education Department:

  • Students of SMPN 7 Cenrana who passed the exam successfully: 109 students.
  • The average final score (known as “Nilai Akhir / NA”) for Indonesian is 7.23,  English: 6.01,  Mathematics: 5.85, and Science: 6.26.
  • The highest national exam score (known as “Nilai UN”) for Indonesian is 8.80,  English: 8.60,  Mathematics: 9.50, and Science: 8.75.

To see all the result/score of the 2013 National Exam, SMPN 7 Cenrana, and the top 15 students list based on the highest scores, you can download here»…



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