Tips and Tricks to Learn English Easily: QUCRA 7

image_-have-you-tried-this-tip-n-trickAfter posting Tips dan Trik Bahasa Inggris, I’ve got positive responses from my blog visitors. Most of them said that my creative and fun method to memorize English words, “QuCrA”, was interesting and easy to do. The acronyms of QuCrA method were really familiar with Indonesian senses and, therefore, students enjoyed learning them very much. The words, e.g. “Lemah” (stands for let, make, help), or “Prawane bego” (stands for promise, ask, want, need, expect, beg, order), sound quite funny and familiar to memorize.

Quick, Creative and Accurate (QuCrA) Solution is an alternative method to solve English tests. It is intended to be used for Indonesian students who want to answer English tests quickly, creatively and accurately. This method is related to grammar and vocabulary exams.

Here is one of “Qucra Series”: QUCRA 7_ “MEPET” (In Indonesian, its synonym is ‘rapat’, ‘berdempetan’, meaning as staying close/near to each other):

Jika dalam kalimat Bahasa Inggris terdapat beberapa Kata Keterangan/ Adverbs (Manner, Place, Time), maka urutannya yaitu: “MEPET”

MEPET, singkatan dari: MannEr, PlacE, Time.
Adverbs of Manner, keterangan cara, misal: carefully, beautifully, excellently, very fast, etc.
Adverbs of Place, keterangan tempat, misal: in the room, on the stage, at school, etc.
Adverbs of Time, keterangan waktu, misal: in the morning, last night, 3 years ago, etc.


  1. She drove _______ .
    A. the car on the street very fast yesterday
    B. the car yesterday on the street very fast
    C. the car very fast on the street yesterday
    D. very fast the car on the street yesterday
    E. on the street the car yesterday very fast

PEMBAHASAN: Pola dasar kalimat Bhs. Inggris= Subj + Pred + Obj + Adverb. Pilihan (D) dan (E) letak object-nya (the car) salah. Perhatikan Pola “MEPET”. Maka urutan yang benar setelah ‘the car’ adalah: very fast (Manner),  on the street (Place),  yesterday (Time).

JAWAB: C (the car very fast on the street yesterday).

Download this file, Qucra 7, in pdf > click here…



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