An English Speech given by Ir. Soekarno: “The People’s Command”

Image_ Soekarno's speech_ trikoraDownload: English Speech Scripts. Topic: Soekarno’s Speech on the Liberation of West Irian (Papua); Tri-Command (TRIKORA). By: Ir. Soekarno, the first President of the Republic of Indonesia. Place and date of the speech: Jogyakarta, 19th December, 1961. File: Pdf. Source of the speech texts: Department of Information, Republic of Indonesia; Special Issue, no.82.





As was said by the Sultan just now, today, it is exactly 15 years since the day on which the city of Jogjakarta – or to be more exact,the Republic of Indonesia was attacked by the Dutch. Thirteen years ago there began what we call the second military action taken by the Dutch against the Republic of Indonesia.

As all of you know, the military action which was begun here13 years ago was the second, which means that we also underwent a first military action. And that first military action started on 21stJuly, 1947. But if it is viewed as a whole, seen as one historical event,then in fact we did not suffer, merely two military actions from the Dutch, the first on 21st July 1947, the second on 19th December 1948,No. In reality the Dutch, Dutch imperialism, on hundreds of occasions has taken military action against the Indonesian People.

You know that the Dutch began to come here to Indonesia in1596, when Admiral Cornelis De Houtman dropped anchor in Banten Bay. Since that time, Friends, Dutch efforts to occupy the whole of Indonesia were always accompanied by force of arms. That is why I say that in fact the Dutch have taken military action against the Indonesian people hundreds of times. And as something for the people of Jogjakarta to be proud of – I say from this rostrum, that it was from the region of Jogjakarta that the first opposition came, fierce opposition against Dutch Imperialism. This was at the time Sultan Agung Hanjokrokusumo mobilised his army from the Jogjakarta region to attack what then was called the city of Batavia. Therefore,Dr. Mohammad Yamin’s proposal in the first meeting of the National Defense Council was most appropriate : that the Command I shall give … God willing – should not be given anywhere else other than in Jogjakarta, the centre of resistance against Dutch imperialism.


Yes, on 17th August 1945 we proclaimed Indonesia’s Independence, we set up the Republic of Indonesia, which now stands firmly established, although several times struck by the Dutch, stands firmly established and today with a resolute mind even wants to bring the region of West Irian also into the territory under our authority.

But, you know the Proclamation of 17th August 1945 was only one of the peaks of the Indonesian Nation’s efforts to set up their own state. You know that decades earlier the Indonesian people had arisen, arisen to become a free Nation, although they had been colonized for hundreds of years, although they had been trampled upon for hundreds of years, although they had been starved for hundreds of years, although they had been humiliated for hundreds of years, although for hundreds of years they had been made into a people of miseries, although efforts had been made to extinguish the National spirit entirely, yet – as I have said repeatedly – we arose again.

I once said, even a worm will wriggle and turn when we tread on it, let alone men, let alone nations. The Indonesian Nation turned, set up organisations called the National Movement, which movement spread out, went deeper, spread out, went deeper, spread out, went deeper, eventually covering the whole of Indonesia. Spread out, went deeper, spread out, went deeper, ultimately on 17th August 1945 exploding as the first Indonesian Revolution.

And it was at that moment, Friends, that the Republic of Indonesia was set up, that the Republic of Indonesia unfurled the Indonesian flag.

And that Indonesian flag is not only known by the people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, but the Indonesian flag is now respected by the greater part of mankind. People see the Indonesian flag flying in our Embassy in Washington, people see the Honoured Red and White flying in London, people see the Honoured Red and White flying in Moscow, flying in Cairo, flying in Paris, flying in Mexico-City, flying in Ottawa – in short, the Honoured Red and White Flag is already known by all the people in this world, and as I have said, the greater part of mankind respects the Honoured Red and White Flag. Only the imperialists and the stooges of the imperialists do not respect the Red and White Flag. And as I say, God willing, the time will come when all the people in this world will respect the Red and While Flag wherever it may fly. » Click here to download this speech completely»»…



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