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Download: Annual & Semester Programs, Syllabuses and Lesson Plans (Prota & Prosem, Silabus dan RPP)

image lesson plans for smp k 2006Download: Annual Program, Semester Program, Syllabus and Lesson Plans (character-based model) for Junior High Schools, 9th grade, academic year: 2013/2014. Curriculum: 2006 (School-Based Curriculum). Lesson: English. Files: word and excel.

Download: Program Tahunan (Prota), Program Semester (Prosem), Silabus dan Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran (RPP) model berbasis karakter untuk Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP) Kelas 9, tahun pelajaran: 2013/2014. Kurikulum: 2006 (KTSP). Pelajaran: Bahasa Inggris. Jenis file: word dan excel.


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English Language Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice

image english language teaching_ theory and practiceDownload:  A Module for Teacher Education and Professional Development Program (Program Pendidikan dan Latihan Profesi Guru – PLPG), intended to be used for English teachers in Indonesia who will participate in Teacher Certification Program, 2013. Title: “English Language Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice”. File: zip-pdf. Size: 2.57 mb. Upload by: soehaarrr.com. File Archive: 2013.



English Language Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice is a module written for Teacher Education and Professional Development Program—PLPG. This printed material consists of two parts. The first part concerns relevant theories on language teaching and learning, foreign language teaching method, instructional design, language teaching media, and language learning evaluation. The second part presents English functional texts.

The first part of this module consists of five chapters. The first chapter is concerned with the principles of language teaching and learning in which participants are provided with relevant theory such as theory of learning, theory of language, learner style, learner language, and learner language analysis.  The second chapter deals with foreign language teaching method in which participants are provided with relevant theory such as the notion of approach, method, and technique, foreign language teaching method, genre-based instruction, inquiry-based instruction, and cooperative language teaching. The third chapter concerns principles of English instructional design which provides information relating to syllabus and lesson plan designs, and principles of learning English.  The fourth chapter discusses language teaching media covering techniques of using visual, audio, and audio-visual materials, communication and information strategies. The fifth chapter considers language learning evaluation which reviews methods of assessment, particularly focusing on language learning assessment, and the assessments on the process and outcomes of English learning. This chapter also covers the strategies to determine learner’s English mastery levels which is then closed with an overview of the importance of assessment.

The second part of this module deals with English functional texts which include four different types of text. Chapter one reviews texts for interactional function including introducing, apologizing, thanking, complimenting, congratulating, wishing good luck, showing sympathy, care/concern, condolence, anger, annoyance, happiness, disappointment, and boredom. Chapter two provides texts for transactional function which include ordering/commanding, requesting, promising, warning, threatening, refusing, blaming. Short functional texts are covered in chapter three, consisting of notice, announcement, prohibition, invitation, memo, advertisement. Chapter four presents eleven types of long functional texts including Narrative, Recount, Descriptive, Procedure, Report, Anecdote, Hortatory, Spoof, Explanation, Discussion, News Item text, Review, and Analytical Exposition text… Click here to download all files of this module »…


Listening (Audio and Transcript): Confirming a Hotel Booking

Free download: English listening material. Title: Confirming a Hotel Booking; audio: mp3, transcript: doc files, type: dialogues/conversation, intended to use for Indonesian students (SMP/SMA).

Situation : a telephone conversation between a hotel receptionist and a person trying to make a booking. The line is bad but the receptionist has the telephone skills to deal with this problem.


Receptionist : Good afternoon, Orion Hotel, how may I help you?
Customer    : I’m ringing to confirm a booking I made a week ago. I was expecting an email but I haven’t receivedanything.
Receptionist : I’m sorry the line is rather bad, would you mind repeating that, please?
Customer    : Yes, I made a reservation on your website under the name of Coutts. George Coutts.
Receptionist : Could you spell your surname for me, please?
Customer    : Yes, that’s C-O-U-T-T-S
Receptionist : And when was the reservation for?
Customer    : July 23rd to the 29th
Receptionist : Sorry, did you say the 21st ?
Customer    : No, the 23rd
Receptionist : Let me just check if we have your details on the system. Ah… yes, here we are.
Customer    : I put down one double and one single room, but I wonder if I could change that.
Receptionist : I’m terribly sorry I didn’t quite catch that. Would you mind speaking up a little?
Customer    : Yes, I wanted to change the number of rooms. Is it possible to have two doubles instead of a singleand a double?

Download the transcript completely, click here »…
Download a sample of exercises (for Indonesian students) click here »…
Download the audio-mp3, click here »…


2013 National Exam: 20 Versions

The Education and Culture Ministry, as recently quoted by mass media, will create 20 versions of exam papers for National Exam 2013. It means each student will get different exam paper with their friends although they are in the same room. The previous 2012 national exam consisted of 5 variants of exam papers. This modification is to prevent cheating and force students to work harder. Furthermore, the difficulty of the questions will also be increased.

Thinking about this news, I personally believe that all the methods or ways of evaluating the students’ ability still depend on the honesty among teachers, students and education stakeholders. We may change, modify or upgrade our system of exams, but the most problematic matter we face every year is how we can establish a valid and honest exam/test. Anyway, this 20-variants’ method is a new breakthrough to conduct a better assessment for Indonesian students. At least, students and teachers are warned to prepare for the national exam as well as possible.

Specifically for English test, I do hope the Education and Culture Ministry will change and modify the form of the questions. It has been 3 years, English test in national exam for junior high school emphasized on the understanding of reading texts. The clues of materials, or known as ‘kisi-kisi’, should also contain question variables that encourage students to be able to express their ability in communicative aspects, such as dialogues or conversations.


Pembahasan Soal B. Inggris UN SMP/MTs 2011

Free download: Kunci Jawaban dan Pembahasan ringkas soal Ujian Nasional (UN) SMP/MTs 2011, Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris, Paket Soal: 16 (C2). File: pdf. upload by har, ©2012_www.haarrr.wordpress.com

Sebelum Anda men-download Kunci jawaban dan pembahasan, sebaiknya terlebih dahulu Anda men-download soal Bahasa Inggris tersebut (paket 16/C2) di sini >>…

Berikut ini Kunci Jawaban dan pembahasan ringkas (metode penerjemahan)  soal Bahasa Inggris UN SMP 2011 Paket Soal: 16 (C2):


1. SOAL: Apa maksud (makna) teks tersebut?

PEMBAHASAN: Di teks notice tersebut dinyatakan: Food storage only; no chemicals in this unit (Hanya untuk penyimpanan makanan; tidak boleh ada bahan kimia di unit ini).

JAWAB: D. Kita hanya bisa menyimpan makanan di unit/tempat ini.


2. SOAL: Apa rencana si penulis untuk mengisi liburan?

PEMBAHASAN: Paragraf pertama menyatakan bahwa “My family are planning to go to the Bunaken Island. It is well-known for its beautiful sea garden. We are going to see the scenery of the garden” (Keluargaku merencanakan pergi ke Pulau Bunaken. Pulau tersebut terkenal karena taman lautnya yang indah. Kami akan melihat pemandangan di taman tersebut).

JAWAB: C. Melihat taman laut di Bunaken.


3. SOAL: Dari teks tersebut kita mengetahui bahwa ….

PEMBAHASAN: Berdasarkan isi dan kesimpulan dari teks tersebut kita tahu bahwa Bunaken adalah sebuah tempat rekreasi.

JAWAB: C. Bunaken adalah sebuah tempat rekreasi.

» Selengkapnya Kunci Jawaban dan Pembahasan soal B. Inggris UN SMP 2011 Paket 16/C2, download di sini»»…

» Pembahasan beberapa soal lainnya, klik di sini»»…


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Free download: soal-soal Ujian Nasional SMP Tahun Pelajaran 2010/2011. Jenis file: pdf.

Seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya, menjelang pelaksanaan Ujian Nasional, kegiatan pembelajaran untuk kelas 9 biasanya lebih banyak difokuskan pada pembahasan soal-soal UN. Kegiatan tersebut umumnya berupa les, bimbel, simulasi dan try out UN yang pada dasarnya bertujuan untuk membiasakan dan mengakrabkan siswa pada bentuk atau model soal-soal UN.

Berikut ini adalah soal-soal UN SMP tahun 2011 yang bisa dijadikan latihan bagi para siswa dalam menghadapi Ujian Nasional 2012:

Download soal-soal UN lainnya, klik di sini…


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UJIAN NASIONAL 2011/2012. Secara umum, UN tingkat SMP/MTs yang akan diselenggarakan pada Bulan April 2012, tidak jauh berbeda dengan format UN 2011. Naskah soal, tetap terdiri dari 5 paket. Kriteria nilai kelulusan juga masih menggunakan model Nilai Akhir (NA) yang merupakan gabungan 40% Nilai Sekolah (NS) dan 60% Nilai Ujian Nasional (NUN).

Berikut ini hal-hal pokok mengenai UN SMP 2012:

A. Jadwal UN 2012 untuk SMP/MTs:

  1. Senin, 23 April 2012: Bahasa Indonesia
  2. Selasa, 24 April 2012: Bahasa Inggris
  3. Rabu, 25 April 2012: Matematika
  4. Kamis, 26 April 2012: IPA

B. Kriteria Nilai Kelulusan UN:

Berdasarkan Nilai Akhir (NA), dengan menggunakan rumus:

NA = 0,6 X NUN  +  0,4 X NS

Lulus, jika rata-rata NA keseluruhan mata pelajaran UN mencapai 5,5 atau lebih,  dan NA per-mata pelajaran tersebut mencapai 4,0 atau lebih.

Nilai Sekolah (NS) diperoleh dari:

NS = 0,6 X NUS + 0,4 X NR


  • NS: Nilai Sekolah
  • NUS: Nilai Ujian Sekolah
  • NUN: Nilai Ujian Nasional
  • NR: Rata-rata Nilai Rapor semester 1-5
  • NA: Nilai Akhir

Selengkapnya panduan Ujian Nasional 2012, silahkan download file-file berikut:

  1. Prosedur Operasi Standar (POS) UN 2012
  2. Kisi-kisi UN 2012 BSNP
  3. Sosialisasi UN 2012
  4. Tanya jawab tentang UN 2012
  5. Contoh presentasi singkat sosialisasi UN SMP 2012 untuk siswa, ppt.


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