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This page contains English Listening files (audios, videos and transcripts) which can be used as additional materials for the teaching of English in Indonesia. Listening audios and videos are in mp3 and flv. files; while Listening transcripts are in pdf and word (doc) files. You can edit and use them based on the level and situation of the teaching learning process. Please, leave a suggestion or comment  after downloading. Thank you.

Halaman ini berisi file-file English Listening (audio, video dan transkrip)  yang dapat digunakan sebagai materi tambahan dalam pengajaran Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia. Listening Audio dan video berbentuk file mp3 dan flv.;  sedangkan transkrip listening berbentuk pdf dan word(doc). Anda bisa mengedit dan menggunakannya berdasarkan pada level dan situasi pembelajaran. Mohon meninggalkan saran atau komentar setelah men-download. Terima Kasih.


  • Download: The use of  ‘likely’ and ‘unlikely’ (report/descriptive) » |audio-mp3 | script-pdf|
  • Download: Mary Lyon, 1797-1849: A Leader in Women’s Education in the 19th Century_ taken from VOA (Voice of America)_ (story/biography) » |audio-mp3 | script-pdf|
  • Download: “Wanna, gonna, hafta”: Reduced forms in spoken American English_ taken from VOA (Voice of America)_ (story/interviews/descriptive) » |audio-mp3 | script-pdf|
  • Download: Common Greetings in the United States_ taken from VOA (Voice of America)_ (story/interviews/descriptive) » |audio-mp3 | script-pdf |
  • Download: Discussion about Globalisation_ (dialogues/interviews/descriptive) » |audio-mp3 | script-pdf|
  • Download: Irregular Verbs (verb1, verb2, verb3)_ watch, listen and repeat_ taken from youtube » |video-flv|
  • Download: Where Dinosaurs are_ tv-video_ supplemented with displayed texts_ (report/descriptive) taken from youtube » |video-flv | script-doc|
  • Download: Double Comparatives; cause and effect, e.g: The more, the merrier; The sooner, … ; The brighter the sun, the happier I feel; etc. (video_supplemented with displayed text) » |video-flv-34mb|
  • Download: Technology to help drivers avoid accidents_ tv-video with subtitles/texts (report/news). taken from voanews » |video-flv 13mb | script-pdf|
  • Download: Papua New Guinea makes gains in AIDS battle but faces challenges. (report/news). taken from voanews » |audio-mp3 | script-pdf|
  • Download: Listening Section Test, National Exam (Ujian Nasional) for SMA, MA, SMK. file: mp-3:
  • Download: The Arizona-Sonoma Desert Museum; video with subtitles / displayed texts (story, talks, vocabulary on nature and animals). » |video-flv 10mb |
  • Download: Worry; “What makes you worry and why?” (word, expression, vocabulary, dialogue), taken from bbc-learningenglish » |audio-mp3 | script-pdf|

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