Modules for Teaching English Language Skills

image teaching speakingFree downloads: Modules for teaching English language skills, intended for use in teaching  English in Indonesia, particularly for Junior/Senior High Schools (SMP/SMA). These modules contain methodological references and guidelines for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Source: Center for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel (CDETEP), Ministry of National Education.

Module 1: Teaching Listening. Listening is the basis for the development of all other skills and the main channel through which the student makes initial contact with the target language and its culture. Through active listening, students acquire vocabulary and syntax, as well as better pronunciation, accent and intonation. Though listening skill is very important, for some language learners it is considered to be the most difficult language skill… more › download here…

Module 2: Teaching Speaking. Speaking is a productive skill. It cannot be separated from listening. When we communicate we convey the message, which is meaningful. It comes from the meaning, which is expressed in the form of speech act. In teaching speaking teachers should know the concept of speaking, the element of the sound for instance phonemes because it seems the teachers still find difficulties in pronouncing them based on the classroom observation during the upgrading and it is important for teachers to pronounce correctly since they should be a good models for their students. The teachers also still have problems of understanding and applying models of learning and teaching, and various techniques of teaching speaking… more › download here…

Module 3: Teaching Reading. This supplementary material is developed to provide underlying resources for English teachers in improving their teaching competence and language proficiency in the framework of continuous professional development. This material specifically is intended to provide clear information of all aspects in reading and how to bring it in the classroom as well. Those aspects cover the levels of comprehension, text types and text situation. By having prompt perspective, the English teacher will be able to implement better teaching practices, reflect it continually, and recording in the form of classroom action research. Ultimately this experience can be dedicated to have continuous professional development… more › download here…

Module 4: Teaching Writing. Writing is transforming thoughts into language; it means that we need to think about the content of our writing first and then arrange the ideas using appropriate language (e.g. grammar and vocabulary). Consequently we must learn about organizational skills in writing. It also involves several sub-skills. Some of these are related to accuracy, i.e. using the correct forms of language. Writing accurately involves spelling correctly, forming letters correctly, writing legibly, punctuating correctly, using correct layouts, choosing the right vocabulary, using grammar correctly, joining sentences correctly and using paragraphs correctly… more › download here…

Module 5: Teaching Mixed Ability Classes. All classes are heterogeneous or in the other term “mixed ability classes”, especially in secondary schools most classes have a wide range of levels and abilities. Developing a teaching approach to deal with such diversity in one class seems to be almost impossible demand. By knowing of teaching mixed ability classes teacher will have fresh point of view to look at the mixture of skills and abilities as a factor and suggesting some approriate teaching approaches and strategies and also teachers will able to modify material to make it suitable for a range of abilities… more › download here…

More downloads: Articles, Tutorials, Modules and E-Books, click here »…


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5 responses to “Modules for Teaching English Language Skills

  1. thanks so much sir…

  2. Di tingkat sekolah kan tidak ada pembelajaran language skill, kenapa harus ada modulnya?

  3. mantap gan… numpang sedot ya….
    download MP3 untuk listeningnya dimana gan??

  4. hope it can be realized 🙂

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